Vacuum pumps to enlarge the penis

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

The use of mechanical devices for penis enlargement is a medical way of correcting anatomical abnormalities of the penis. Doctors recommend using a pump to improve blood circulation in the tissues of the genitals, train the cavernous bodies for stretching and further growth of the organ. Users note the effectiveness of the method in strengthening erections, restoring potency and increasing size.

The range of vacuum-based pumps allows you to choose the device according to individual physiological parameters. In order not to be mistaken, you need to understand the design features and purpose of the devices. Pay attention to the features of functions, materials, sensor equipment.

What is a penis vacuum pump?

The device was created by the developers to help those who have erection problems. The purpose of the pump was to treat erectile dysfunction, but after studying its effect on volunteers, it turned out that the pump enlarges the penis.To correct the size of the phallus, the device must be used for at least a month..

The design is based on zero pressure, which is created in a vacuum, or atmospheric differences in a liquid medium. Wearing the device activates blood flow to the penis.

Erection and increase in the size of the phallus occur due to the strong blood filling of the cavernous bodies. How does the pump work?Under the influence of negative pressure, the walls of the vessels of the lymphatic system receive microtrauma, swelling is formed.This increases the volume of the member.

Different Types of Pumps That Increase Penis Size

If you use the device irregularly, the effects will be transient, that is, after the procedure they will remain temporarily. Promising changes can be achieved with regular training.

How does a pump for men work?

The operating principle of the device is based on the physical laws of the vacuum.

When this happens:

  1. The pressure drop formed by the vacuum causes tension in the tissues of the phallus.
  2. The blood flow rushes into the penis, filling the corpora cavernosa.
  3. Lymphatic circulation is activated, causing microcracks in the vessels.
  4. There is swelling of the organ, which leads to the density of the erection and stretching of the tissues of the organ.

Vacuum massage stretches the corpora cavernosa. Regular classes make the process irreversible, that is, the growth of the penis is fixed in the long term.

Types and differences

The type of pump does not affect the result of erection correction, penis enlargement. The main condition for the effectiveness of the impact on the parameters of the body is the regularity of the procedures, following the instructions for use.

If errors are made during manipulation, thencan cause congestion in the tissues of the phallus, which is fraught with disorders in the circulatory system, complications during urination.

manual magnifiers

Manual vacuum pump for penis enlargement an affordable option for the cost

Bulb vacuum pumps are considered to be a simple design.The device is available to all categories of customers.. The efficiency is controlled by the user and depends on the strength of the hands. It can produce intensive, weak, medium pumping. And the degree of impact to track the status of the member.

The disadvantage of a manual unit is the inconvenience of its use.No automatic security checks, an error in the force of the impact can lead to bruises and bruises.


The electric penis enlargement vacuum pump is famous for its ease of use

An electric pump is an automatic pump. It differs from mechanical automatic control over the level of air pumping. The structure is the same as a hand pump: a flask plus a pump, but you don't need to do anything with your hands. You need to choose a device with a display, on the sensors of which the load values \u200b\u200bare reflected. This is a 100% security guarantee.

Users call the advantages of the unit a smooth effect, no risk of bruising, ease of use. According to men, the effectiveness in restoring an erection is high, in a month a penis can increase by up to 4 cm.


Hydropump to enlarge the penis a device adapted to work with water

The hydro pump is used in the shower or bath.First you need to fill the pump with water, then, without spilling, lower the device and put it on the penis.. After pressing the pump to the pubis with the base. Pressing on the flask, you will compress the corrugation, release excess water, and releasing it will create a tension effect, as a result of which the penis will stretch and fill it with blood. After comparing the pressure in the flask and the penis, the pressure is repeated several times.

Modern hydropumps are equipped with control sensorsfor tensile strength. The advantage of the device is the rapid onset of an erection, it is normalized at the time of the procedure, the penis increases after three trainings.

Why do we need vibrating massage devices?

Vacuum pump with vibrator for penis enlargement and pleasure

Pumps with vibrators are a masturbator for a penis with a sealant, a vibrating element, a vacuum pump.The purpose of the pump vibration device is to stimulate the head or scrotum.member. To act on the scrotum, you need a vibrator installed from below, on the head, from above.

Vibropumps allow you to change the intensity of vibrations, for this they are equipped with a frequency regulator.

Such product models provide a stable erection while stimulating sexual desire. Men also use them for self-gratification. To sharpen the sensations, you should choose pumps with latex, silicone or cyber leather cuffs that mimic the vagina, anus or oral cavity.Session safety is facilitated by a graduated marker and pressure gaugewhich can be used to control the process.

Indications for use

Doctors recommend pumping a member with a pomp for men with natural abnormalities in the size of the genital organ, with problems with potency and weak libido. The device works as a libido stimulator and restoration of a dense erection. An additional effect is an increase in the length and diameter of the penis.

Indications for the use of vacuum massage devices are:

  • weakening of the erectionafter illness, stress;
  • cock trainingto prevent premature ejaculation;
  • shape distortion, the size of the phallus due to injury;
  • decreased sexual desire, bright sensations during orgasm.

In addition to medical indications, user preferences are taken into account. For example, increased enjoyment of the vibrating pump.


Without moral preparation, the use of the pump can lead to impaired erection.

These include:

  1. Diseases associated with weakness of the vascular walls, venous blood flow. The consequence of vacuum massage can be the formation of blood clots.
  2. Diabetes mellitus, since the slightest violation of the integrity of the tissues will lead to non-healing wounds.
  3. Diseases of the urethra.
  4. Venereal diseases.
  5. Diseases of the rectum.

Please note that psychological unpreparedness for the use of mechanical devices for organ enlargement may have a negative outcome. Erectile dysfunction is aggravated, the feeling of artificiality of sensations becomes predominant, the desire for sexual intercourse decreases.

Have an interview with a psychologist before starting the sessions. The specialist will help to overcome psychological discomfort.

how can i choose the size

The secret of unit selection is to focus on the natural size of the penis.The initial parameters of the penis and the compliance of the cylinders and sleeves with them is a criterion for the safety of the procedures and the ideal result.. If you made a mistake when buying, you can correct the situation by replacing the seal with a larger one, but this will reduce the quality of the effects obtained.

Selection rules:

  1. It is necessary to measure the size of an erect penis, add 30% to these values to determine the size of the flask.
  2. Preference is given to small cuffs. This is a factor in penis enlargement.
  3. The built-in pressure relief feature is a 100% guarantee of complete removal of air from the chamber.
  4. The presence of a pressure gauge to control the difference in atmospheres helps prevent the appearance of cracks and bruises.

It is recommended to use the product with caution. The thing is fragile, protect it from shock, overheating. The camera supports temperatures of more than 35, it deforms when it rises.

Store the instrument in a place protected from sunlight. Carry out hygiene without boiling the product, treat with antiseptics or soap and water.

benefit and harm

A beneficial effect of vacuum massage is the restoration of blood circulation in the genital area. The blood supply to the pelvic organs is activated, the metabolism is improved.In the active mode, there is a vitamin and a mineral, oxygen supply to the tissues, restoration of sexual potential..

Vacuum massage enlarges the penis and promotes sexual harmony.

The pulsation of the blood flow, due to the stretching of the penis, becomes powerful, the erection increases, the member stands for a long time, the desire arises instantly. The result is a complete preparation for sex after the session. Long-term training leads to an increase in the reproductive organ. According to reviews, 4 cm in length and 1. 5 cm in diameter are added per month.

Harm occurs when it is misused and expressedin negative consequences:

  1. hair damagefrom a void, which is fraught with subcutaneous hematomas and coagulation dysfunction, to serious problems.
  2. blue skinby a strong tension of the tissues, numbness of the skin areas, dryness of the dermis due to the intensive use of the pump.
  3. loss of sensitivitybody during intercourse.
  4. Decreased tension in the flow of sperm., which negatively affects the quality of orgasm partners.

To avoid problemsfollow the instruction instructions:

  • the duration of the first training session is 5 minutes;
  • put the pump in a heated phallus;
  • cremate the phallus and the base of the nozzle with a lubricant;
  • see the appearance of the member;
  • reddening of the skin will tell you that the necessary rarefaction of air has been achieved;
  • after half a minute, depressurize the chamber and allow air to enter.

In subsequent approaches, increase the procedure time to 15-20 minutes. During this time, the penis erects up to 18 times, pumping each time the tension is relieved.

Materials must be environmentally friendly, safe, light.. Choose a device with a set of functions that affect the physiological parameters of the penis, tactile sensations. Sensors allow you to monitor the procedure and prevent overload in time.

Price and where to buy

There is a wide offer of vacuum pumps in online stores, sex salons, on the official websites of manufacturers. In assortment manual, automatic, water devices.A convenient way to purchase is to order a vacuum pump online. This allows you to remain incognitowhich is important for shy people.

To reduce the risk of making a shopping error, store websites have selection rubricators. For example, by parameters, by rating, by price, new items, etc.

The price of products depends on the complexity of the design, brand, materials used, number of nozzles.The most affordable are hand pumps.. Expensive ones include hydropumps, pumps with vibrators and other additional nozzles.

Approximate cost of pumps:

  • Handbook— from $15 to $27;
  • electric— from $42 to $67;
  • Water Pump— from $85 to $155;
  • with vibrators— within $220.


The vacuum pump helps men realize the dream of a big phallus without surgery, pills, ointments, gels. This is a way to improve erection, enlarge the phallus, suitable for everyone, heconvenient because the paperwork is done at home. You can prepare for a long sexual relationship in a few minutes and get an unforgettable experience.