Penis enlargement methods, their effectiveness, is it safe to use

measure a penis before enlarging it using the example of a banana

The length and thickness of the penis for men is like the volume of the chest, the width of the waist or the quality of the skin for women. As good as it is, it's not good enough.

Of course, there are situations when size really matters, and a small penis affects the quality of intimate life and takes away your peace of mind.

In this case, various methods of penis enlargement will come to the rescue. But before you rush to order a miracle device or go under the surgeon's knife, you need to find out how effective this approach is and whether it will do more harm than good.

Creams and their effectiveness.

The body of the penis consists of two corpora cavernosa and one spongiosum. Due to this, the penis is easily filled with blood, which ensures its erectile function. If we assume that it is possible to keep the holes in the tissues in a constantly expanded state, then the organ can be enlarged with the help of drugs.

Cream manufacturers guarantee this effect with regular use. In addition, they promise increased erection and libido, increased sensitivity, and many other things that are hard to turn down.

But the creators and sellers forget to mention that this penis enlargement technique does not work long term.

The temporary effect is provided by a rush of blood, in which an important role is played by massage movements, with the help of which the funds should be applied. When the effect of the drug wears off, the penis returns to its normal size.

In addition, there are a number of side effects that occur with an overdose or individual intolerance:

  • allergy
  • inflammation of the urinary tract
  • impotence
  • sterility

Effective remedy - massage

It is considered the safest and most pleasurable procedure, as it resembles masturbation. It is true that the results need to wait about a year, or you can not wait at all. Even with the most favorable result, one should not expect a significant increase in virility.

Proper massage implies strict adherence to technique and a fairly strong effect on the body. There is a risk of overdoing and gaining a tissue rupture and even a fracture.

At best, blood circulation will be disturbed and an erection will occur; at worst, gangrene will develop, which cannot be treated without removing part of the organ.

What is a vacuum pump?

This device is worn on the penis and by pumping air it creates a pressure drop. Blood rushes to the organ, instantly making it longer and thicker. This penis enlargement technique really works.

vacuum pump to enlarge the penis

But only for a couple of hours, and sometimes even less. As soon as the blood supply returns to normal, the length and volumes decrease.

Also, this method has many contraindications. And the procedure itself can be very painful. After that, bruises often remain on the male dignity. Sensitivity is also lost, ejaculation is weakened, the pleasure of sex decreases.

There is also a risk of disrupting blood microcirculation, which will negatively affect sexual function.

What is the danger of using an extender?

A special device weighing up to a kilogram, which must be worn on the genitals for several hours a day. Under the influence of the load, the tissues are torn, and then regenerate, due to which the length and thickness increase, and the curvature is corrected.

This method also works, but the first noticeable results appear no earlier than six months later. In this case, the effect will be persistent and will last forever.

But the use of such a device is fraught with drawbacks and dangers. Cell damage is inevitably accompanied by pain.

The heavy device on the penis will not go unnoticed either. Additionally, tissue injury can lead to scarring. Because of this, pain will occur during intercourse and the penis will begin to curve when aroused. Such consequences cannot be corrected.

groin pain after penis enlargement

hormonal drugs

Testosterone and gonadotropin are involved in the formation of muscle mass, they are responsible for the size of the penis and the quality of the erection. The penis enlargement method with these hormones is based on injection directly into the penis and can only be used as prescribed by a doctor.

This extremely painful procedure involves a constant increase in dosage, because the body quickly becomes addicted and can no longer live without hormone replacement therapy, as without a drug.

Violation of the hormonal background leads to impotence and malfunction of the reproductive organs. An excess of testosterone threatens with frequent manifestations of aggression.

The last resort is surgery.

Penis enlargement surgery is recommended for medical reasons, or if the penis is really very small. There are several types of this procedure.


Too short a bridle, so to speak, bends the head downwards, which makes the trunk appear shorter. In addition, this pathology causes pain during sexual intercourse and masturbation. If there are indications, such an operation is an excellent way out. In this way, you can add a penis up to 1. 5 cm.


In fact, the male penis is 4-5 cm longer than it seems. These hidden inches are held inward by the suprapubic ligament. If it is cut, additional length is released. Access is through the pubis or scrotum. In order to avoid fusion of the ligament, after the operation, it is necessary to wear an extender for some time.


To increase the thickness of the body, special gels are injected under the skin or silicone pads are inserted. It is also possible to use the patient's own tissues taken from other parts of the body. Therefore, about a centimeter in volume is added.


Helps make the penis thicker and longer. It is indicated for underdevelopment of the penis. It is the implantation of a prosthesis in the cavernous bodies. The mechanisms are made of different materials and have different degrees of rigidity. They are powered by a pump inserted into the scrotum.

Of course, operations give an eternal effect if there is no rejection, but they have a number of significant drawbacks.

Even if the work is done by a qualified surgeon and everything goes smoothly, he will have to pay a handsome sum for such pleasure. Well, if you add unpleasant and even dangerous consequences to this, the pleasure will be very doubtful.

After invasive interventions, infection and nerve damage occur in a large percentage of cases. Sensitivity is also often reduced. Scarring leads to constant pain.

When dissecting the ligaments, the erect member is often directed not up or to the side, but down, which significantly complicates sexual life. And implants are quite dangerous neighbors for an organ that men consider the main one.

Against the background of the above, irregularities and curvature that are likely to appear after the operation are unlikely to scare. But impotence, which is also difficult to avoid, is unlikely to please anyone.

Consider if your actions are motivated enough

Of course, there are effective methods to enlarge the penis. But they carry such risks that they will be too high a price for a couple of new inches. There is only one legitimate reason for enlargement: the micropenis. Otherwise, it's not worth the risk.

a woman and a man in love with an enlarged penis

If a man thinks that this is just his case, he is most likely wrong. This diagnosis is made with a size of no more than 3 cm in the erect state.

In the average representative of the stronger sex, the erect penis has a length of 12-17 cm - this is the norm. A relaxed organ may not be noticeable at all.

If a man is driven by the desire to give his sexual partner more pleasure, here are some more statistics. In most women, the length of the vagina is equal to the length of the index finger, and the most sensitive areas are on the clitoris and vaginal vestibule.

The vast majority of the fair sex believes that impressive size only gets in the way. The exception is those who experience a vaginal orgasm. But 15 cm is enough for them.

Also, you can always use sexy toys and even fingers. Well, if a girl is in love, chances are she'll enjoy even the most modest size. Therefore, the main thing in sex is not length and thickness, but love.