Experience in the use of Erogen X

The family life of erika stockholm many years not bad due to the small size of your penis. He is very concerned, but it has been decided in the purchase of gel Erogen X. The tool helped to keep the family, and eric shared their experiences with the use of the tool.

Eric bought Erogen X to increase your cock

"I'm very early married, was my first and only love of a lifetime. My wife is a little older than me, before meeting me, he had a serious relationship. She was my first in bed, to her I was a boy virgin.

I must say that I am very shy in intimate questions, but my wife is a sex bomb. She wants to have sex and the day and the night, now it is a little bit apparently descends, but the first time after the wedding, she simply will not be turned away from me. Caused Me it is a joy and a nice feeling, confused, only one – the size of my penis.

Why the woman became me to modify

My cock just up to the mark of 11 cm, and I always felt very bad about it. Women sometimes laughed about him calling it his "baby", I laughed with her, but I always felt easy mockery. We have used toys to the sex, rubber member took a part of my duties. I've even become accustomed to this type of hands played, until it is learned that his wife change me.

It is painful hit on my ego, and I talked to her seriously. She assured me that with the new lover was interested in only the sex, since losses of this male dignity. I found it is still a shame, I the week was to close in the room, but then began to think about how to enlarge your penis.

Offers on the internet that was enough – you can choose between gels, injections and operation. I chose the former. Gel to increase penis Erogen X I thought I was confidence of the drug, I've found a guide of men who use it, one of them wrote, and he confirmed that their penis has become already at 3 centimeters for two weeks.

I am the genius of yes gel for penis enlargement Erogen X and began to do what is written in the instructions. There clearly explains how to use the gel of questions with the use of the tool is not. My penis filled with blood immediately after the application, of the urge of sex. Then it's a bit primitive, but the desire is not lost. I said nothing to your wife, we don't even speak.

After 10 days, he made the first measurements member actually increased by 1.2 view I Have rejoiced and completed the course of the application of gel. Total my cock grew last month at 4.5 see Now, I was ready for the feat, and became wait for the right moment.

After use Erogen X to us has arrived to a family of happiness

The result of the use of gel Erogen X + 3 cm

One night, the woman decided to to me to reconcile. She came and started talking that I was missing, that she loves me and wants to be alone with me. Asked for forgiveness, told me that in his boy who is also a member of it, nothing more and nothing seen. I started to embrace her, kissed her and we started to have sex.

When she saw my excited member, she is in danger and about to yell, not realizing that with him. He told Me that he had used Erogen X. She was surprised by result, but by his face I realized that that is what she wanted. We had a passion, as many years ago. She screamed of pleasure, and my feelings were more acute in the dozens of the time.

As we have reconciled, the woman has fallen in love with me again. We have a family full understanding. Been 3 months, a member remained the same, but I have the intention to repeat the course and achieve a greater result.

Erogen X unfortunately I don't have side effects. The gel is consumed with moderation, I had a lump in the month. It is very effective. It is not necessary to endure if You are not satisfied with the size of the penis, this can be arranged. Will help you gel Erogen X".