Instructions for use Erogen X

Gel to increase penis Erogen X a leader in its segment. The use of a gel gives long-lasting and pound to the men of complexes and problems in your sexual life. To achieve a maximum effect, you must apply the gel in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Erogen X ensures a remarkable increase in a member because after the first week of use.

Indications for use gel-may be dissatisfaction with the size of penis, early ejaculation, decrease of the sensitivity during the sexual act, lack of orgasm for your partner. The gel is able to effectively resolve all of these problems and to ensure bright and long lasting for the orgasm of both partners.

Instructions for use: how to use the gel Erogen X

An important condition to achieve the desired result – day-to-day use of gel Erogen X

An important condition to achieve the desired result – day-to-day use of the tool. When the approach occurs the accumulation in the tissues of the authority of the substances needed for the growth of the penis and erectile function.

Apply the gel two times a day in the pre-washed and dry the genital area. Massage the gel with light massage movements from the length of the shaft of the penis. Wait for it to dry the gel, then put on the sheer underwear. During 10-120 minutes you will feel the action of the gel, the promotion of the atmosphere is possible offensive of erection.

You can use the tool prior to the sexual act – this will help to improve the sensitivity, intensify orgasms, prolong the time of contact and to deliver to the woman pleasure supernatural.

The increase of a member will begin during the first week of application. On average, the member increases by 1-1,5 cm, weekly and up to 7 inches per month. The recommended duration of use of gel a month. Use the tool change from 2 to 3 times a year.

Contraindications to the use of the tool

Gel to increase penis Erogen X created by only of biotechnology, and is made up of natural ingredients. The side effects after you use the tool, you do not observe the contraindications for the use of the tools that are missing. Do not apply the gel if You have hypersensitivity to some components of the tool. Do not apply the gel on damaged or inflamed skin. We're not going to the tool of the children. Do not expose the gel to high temperatures, store it in a dry place, protected from light.

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